MJS are proud partners with Hanse Haus.

Since 1929, HANSE HAUS have been turning customer’s dreams of their own home into reality, building more than 30,000 houses in the process. While style and architecture may vary significantly from one of our houses to the next, all have one thing in common: outstanding energy-saving properties that translate to minimal heating costs and maximum home comfort.

Be inspired and see for yourself the exacting building standards, our huge range of fittings and interiors and the security offered by a strong, established company.

In HANSE HAUS, you have found the ideal partner and specialist in the field of prefabricated house construction. Every prefabricated HANSE HAUS is a future-proof energy-saving house with the potential to be constructed as a Passivhaus.


An introduction to Hanse Haus in the UK


The sections below summarise the main features of a Hanse Haus: the design, pricing and process for clients within the UK.


Design & Planning


MJS Planning & Design Ltd has assisted Hanse Haus Clients with both Architectural and Town Planning elements of their projects since 2009 on a national basis. We have a wealth of experience working with the Hanse Haus construction method which ensures build-ability and can reduce cost of construction by utilising standard elements where possible. We also have a 95% success rate on gaining planning permission for Hanse Haus’ in various locations throughout the UK.



We offer a fixed price quote for design, pre-planning & formal planning application (RIBA stages A-D) with Hanse Haus covering the other elements (RIBA stages E-L) for significantly less than a high street architect (typically 2% of house value as opposed to around 8% of project value) and are able to offer a 50% refund of our fees should you wish to build with Hanse Haus meaning you only pay 1% of house value.

Thermal efficiency


A Hanse Haus is a precision engineered off site manufactured home that delivers high quality internal and external finishes combined with exemplary thermal efficiency. Thermal efficiency is assessed by the heat loss from the building.  It is expressed in kilowatt hours per square metre per year (kWh/m2.yr), where the lower the number is, the better the thermal efficiency. Most existing houses will have a rating of 300 kWh/m2.yr or more.

Current building regulations require all new houses to be below 220 kWh/m2.yr.  By comparison, our standard construction delivers a house with a rating of 60 to 70 kWh/m2.yr, way ahead of UK requirements. We can also build to the “passive house” rating of 15 kWh/m2.yr and offer various options between this and our 60 kWh/m2.yr standard.

The table below demonstrates the contrast between a typical ‘standard’ Hanse Haus specification and the standard allowed by building regulations in the UK in regards energy consumption and performance of the built fabric.


  UK Standard Hanse Haus


Roof U-value 0.20 W/m2K. 0.16 W/m2K.
Walls U-value 0.30 W/m2K. 0.13 W/m2K.
Floor U-value 0.25 W/m2K. 0.21 W/m2K.
Windows/Doors U-value 2.00 W/m2K. 0.70 W/m2K.

1.00 W/m2K inc. frame

Air Tightness 10 m3/h.m2 2.3 m3/h.m2
Ventilation System Extract Fans in kitchens/utilities/bath rooms. Trickle vents on windows. Mechanical

Ventilation system with Heat Recovery.

Specific Heating


220 kWh/m2.yr 60-80 kWh/m2.yr





Prices are for the “Turn-key” service which is essentially a finished house with all fittings included except the kitchen. We have found that it is more practical for our customers to buy a kitchen in the UK and so we will introduce customers to specialist designers with whom we have worked in the past or they can select their own designer. We incorporate the kitchen design into our construction drawings and during manufacture make provision for all electrical and plumbing connections required.

Once the design is complete we provide a specification and a quotation for the house. When the contract has been signed we take customers at our expense to our sampling centre in Germany where they have the opportunity to select all the external finishes for their new house and, for the “Turn-key” package, the internal finishes as well.

Our initial price is based on our standard range which although we call it “standard” is of high quality; our bathroom equipment for example is by Villeroy & Boch. Customers may decide during the visit to our sampling centre to select some items that are outside the standard range and we are able to advise, normally at the same time, what the cost implications are for that.  We will also produce construction drawings. These may necessitate some changes which may have a minor impact on price. This is presented to customers as the final specification and once you have accepted it then the price is fixed and will only change if you decide to make further changes to the specification.

Because it is a new house there is a need for new footings and foundations. For our standard 60kW construction we recommend a budget figure of £300 per square metre for this plus soil removal charges which are site specific, based on the ground floor area and with this generally subject to a minimum charge of £25,000. For passive houses we recommend £350 per square metre. These prices though cannot be guaranteed because the depth of footings and specification of the foundations are dependent on the soil conditions on your site which are determined through soil survey and physical inspection of the excavation. We have a specialist affiliate company who can handle all of your groundworks.

From signing a contract with planning permission in place to house delivery, we normally target around 9 months. Before we arrive with the house, the ground-works (footings, floor slab, drains, services etc) and any demolition necessary must be completed. Each project is different but normally we allow 4 weeks for ground-works. It is sensible to allow some contingency so ground-works should start about 2 to 3 months before we arrive with your house.

The actual construction of the houses is very fast.  We can erect most houses and make them water tight within 72 hours.  Time to complete the house depends on various factors such as its size, the complexity of the overall design, the type of screed selected etc. It can be as short as 12 weeks but is more typically 14-16 weeks. Customers may want to allow a little longer than that so they have plenty of time to arrange things after we have finished before they move in.

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